Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 6 Shopping

teka-teki silang kelas 6 shopping

Down :
1.   Lina’s uniform are white shirt and red .... every Monday
2.   Mr. Agus is a teacher. He always wears trousers and ....
4.   I wear it before I wear my shirt. It is white and has no sleeves. It is a ....
5.   My father always wears shirt and .... before going to work to his office
6.   Anton’s scouting suits are brown shirt and ....
13. I wear it on my neck every Monday at school

Across :
3.   I feel cold and I use it on my neck. It made of wool. It is a ....
7.   My sister often wears it before going to the party.
8.   It uses for protecting my head from the sunshine.
9.   I wear it every Monday until Saturday at school
11. I wear it on my wrist. It is long an to tie my short.
12. Before swimming in the swimming pool, I usually wear it.
14. I wear it when the rain falls hard.
15. I wear it on my foot before going to school and after wearing my socks.

Read these teks below!
(This is Andi’s plan)
Tomorrow Saturday evening Andi and his family will go to Graha Mulia Store by his father’s car because he must wait for his father and mother coming from their office. His father works in the post office and his mother works in the bank and they always come at 5.30 p.m.
They will go to Graha Mulia store to buy some clothes. Andi will buy sweater, short, sandals, and a school bag. His father will buy shirt, tie, trousers, and a jacket. And his mother will buy a blouse, skirt, and a pair of shoes.

Answer these questions!
1.      Who will go to Graha Mulia Store?
2.      Where will Andi and his family go?
3.      What will Andi buy?
4.      Who will buy a pair of shoes?
5.      Will Andi’s father buy a jacket?
6.      Who will buy a school bag?
7.      When will Andi and his family go to Graha Mulia store?
8.      How will they go to Graha Mulia store?
9.      Where does Andi’s mother work?
10.  Why will they go in the evening?

Read this teks carefully!
(In the Shoe Shop)
Shopkeeper : Can I help you, sir ?
Mr. Ahmad : Yes, of course. I want to buy a pair of socks and shoes for my son, please!
Shopkeeper : Here sir !
Mr. Ahmad : How much does this shoes ?
Shopkeeper : It is seventy thousands rupiahs.
Mr. Ahmad : Wow...It’s so expensive. Can you give me cheaper one?
Shopkeeper : Yes, you can. Here sir! It’s only sixty thousands
Mr. Ahmad : Okay...I take this one. The socks..please!
Shopkeeper : Which one, sir ?
Mr. Ahmad : That white one, please!. How much is it ?
Shopkeeper : It’s fifty thousands rupiahs
Mr. Ahmad : Okay...Pack the shoes and socks, please!
Shopkeeper : Sure, sir!
Mr. Ahmad : Where do I have to pay these?
Shopkeeper : Cashier, please!
Mr. Ahmad : Thank you very much
Shopkeeper : You’re welcome


Answer these questions!

1.      Where does the dialoque happen?
2.      How many person are there in the dialoque?
3.      Who help Mr. Ahmad in the shoe shop?
4.      What does Mr. Andi look for?
5.      How many shoes does the shopkeeper show to Mr. Ahmad?
6.      How much does the socks cost?
7.      Where does Mr. Ahmad have to pay ?

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